DVP04AD-S,Delta Analog Output Module


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Delta: Analog Input Module (DVP04AD-S)

The A/D Conversion – In industrial automation, many measuring units are transmitted by analog signals. The most frequently adopted range for the signals are voltage -10 ~ 10V and current -20 ~ 20mA. To use the analog signals as the parameters for PLC operations, you have to convert them into digital values first. For example, the voltage -10 ~ 10V is first converted into values -8,000 ~ +8,000 by an A/D module, and the PLC will read/write the control registers (CR) in the AD module by FROM/TO instructions. The signals sent back to the PLC for operations will be digital K-8,000 ~ K8,000.

DVP04AD (or DVP06AD) analog signal input module receives external 4 (or 6) points of analog input signals (voltage or current) and converts them into 14-bit digital signals. The MPU can read/write the data in the module by using FROM/TO instructions in the program. There are 49 16-bit control registers in the module. You can select voltage input or current input by the wiring. Range for voltage input: ±10V (±8,000, resolution: 1.25mV). Range for current input: ±20mA (±4,000, resolution: 5μA).

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Specifications for this Product

Parameter Value
Manufacturer Delta Electric
Series DVP Dop Series
Model DVP04DA-S
Power Supply Voltage 24V DC
Analog Input Channel 2 channels per module
Analog Output Range 0 ~ 10V
Digital Data Range 0 ~ 4,000
Resolution 12 bits
Output Impedance 0.5
Overall Accuracy +-0.5% of the full scale of 25°C
Response Time 3ms × channels
Maximum Output Current 20mA
Digital Data Format 2’s complimentary of 16-bit
13 significant bits
Isolation Method Between digital and analog area, not in channels
Protection Short circuit protection
Communication Mode Yes
Max. Rated Power Consumption 4W
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Maximum Operating Temperature 55°C
Shock Immunity  IEC 61131-2, IEC 68-2-6

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